11 March, 2014

Book Week By Lucy and Esmé

Book Week

Last week, Nexus had a week celebration. The celebration was called Book Week. Book Week is a celebration Nexus has once every year (so it's annual). It is where you try read as many books as you can, write book reviews and read new books. Also, on Friday you get to dress up as your favourite book character. 

This year there was a big dance in our canteen for Year's 4 to 9. We made a parody called 'This Books 'Gonna Be A Good Book'. We all got our books, Year 5 and 4 sat down on the benches while Years 6, 7, 8 and 9 danced to the music whilest coming into the canteen. Then, when the first chorus was sung, everyone got up and danced. We were allowed to dance on the benchs and tables! That was our favourite time in Book Week yet! 

Do you celebrate something like Book Week? If you do, comment about how your school celebrates Book Week. 

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Have a extraordinary, tremendus, enthusiastic, groovy day!

Posted by: Esmé and Lucy



  1. Hi Year 5 Learners.
    I have been spending some time looking at your blog. It is clear that there is some interesting learning taking place in your class.
    Your book reviews are well structured and detailed and your opinions will help the readers select good titles.
    I look forward to seeing more posts about your learning journey soon.

  2. Anonymous12/3/14 21:11

    Hi Year 5,
    The thing is that we don't have book day but I think it would be really awesome if we did. When you did the parody what song did you do it from? My favorite book is The Hunger Games and my favorite character is Katniss but I'm a boy so I cant dress up as her.
    I hope you had a great time and from your post it looks like you did.

    From-Navydog (Driving In 4th)

  3. Anonymous18/3/14 22:06

    Hi 5G All Stars,
    I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blogs from week to week! I saw your 'Gonna be a good book" on youtube and thought how much fun it must've been to dance on the tables and benches! I look forward to your next blog! Keep up the Good work!
    Mrs V