10 March, 2014

Pause for Thought: Cooperation

I actually wrote this on Friday but forgot to click "Publish"! Groan... 

Earlier today I had the opportunity to watch one of our school's sports teams (basketball) compete against a well known competitor in our first game of the season. I was very impressed by what I saw.

Although it was clear we had some key players, the team worked together and not one of the players went away without points to his name. That's not to take anything away from our opponents who were clearly skilled and patient. Throughout the game I found myself being impressed at the skills, passing, dribbling and play-making that went on from both teams.

While I was watching the game, it was obvious that the players had one objective. Get the ball in the net - obviously, and it didn't really matter who did it. To achieve that, they worked together really well, they cooperated to make up plays as the game progressed and our opponents clearly pushed us to raise the bar of that cooperation. When our number one and two players were taken out of play, our other members stepped up and performed superbly.

Both teams knew that games are won and lost together. No single player can win a game on their own. It is a similar thing outside sports. A great player, or team member or competitor is judged not by how they do the things that come easily, but by how they contribute when the challenge is beyond them as an individual. Do they throw up their hands and declare defeat as an individual, or work harder and contribute to the unit, group or team? I'm reminded of an analogy:

In a boat with 4 rowers, if only one rows, you go in circles. If everyone rows in their own direction, you'll go nowhere. If you cooperate, you'll get there faster.

Have a great week.

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