07 March, 2014

Book Week - My Favourite Book (Geronimo Stilton) by Iris

It's Book Week  at our school and on Friday the school is having an assembly to celebrate all the fantastic books we have been reading, or had read to us. We've had a visit from a storyteller from Canada and lots of fun activities in the different classes. In 5G we've been making videos, board games, posters and our own books. It's been a fantastic and busy week! The following post, is by Iris - great job Iris!

My favorite book is a book from Geronimo Silton. It's a series of books. 

The story I've read about is Geronimo Stilton. He was forced to join a marathon in New Mouse City by his friend Champ so now he needs to wake up at 6:00am. Champ forced him to practice every single day but Geronimo is not the type of mouse to run a long marathon.

Geronimo's family was supporting him everyday until the marathon was finally finished. When the time was up Geronimo was in a crowd of people and at the end even if he was not the best runner in new mouse city you won't believe that he survived the hardest marathon.

I like it because the stories are so exciting and you will want to read more books and find out what's going to happen on the next page. Suddenly, you realize that you are almost finished with the whole book. I also like the Geronimo Stilton series books because it has different stories in every book. It really interests me to read it because the book is a chapter book and it has a picture on most of the pages. They use lots of new words that I haven't heard or read before so I learn a lot of new words I can use later.

Geronimo Stilton is a book for everybody and especially for kids. I give it 5 stars!

This is my favorite book, what is yours? Who is your favourite character?


  1. Hi Iris, I like the Geronimo Stilton books too. Both my girls loved them as well. Have you also read the Thea Stilton books? My class has really enjoyed the graphic novels of Geronimo Stilton alsol. He goes back in time to different historical eras and it is lots of fun. I don't know if I have a favorite character, it always seems to be the character of the current book I am reading :)

    1. Anonymous11/3/14 12:03

      Hi Ms. McLean,

      Thank you for writing this wonderful comment. Sadly I haven't read Thea stilton books but I would like to try to get and read it. Thank you for coming to our blog and commenting on it. You can come and visit our blog anytime you want, and we will try to go to your class blog also!


  2. Anonymous11/3/14 12:05

    Hello Iris,

    I like the way you explained it so well about the book week and about the book you love to read so much and i like the way you explained about one of the geromino stilton books and the way you describe it is eye popping.

    What made you read the book? Why do you like it? Wich character do you think is the most interesting ?


  3. Anonymous15/3/14 13:03

    Hi Iris,

    I,too love Geronimo Stilton! Have you read The Kingdom of Fantasy series yet? It starts with The Kingdom of Fantasy, followed by The Quest for Paradise. The Third and fourth book is The Amazing Voyage and The Dragon Prophecy. I'm about to read the fifth book,The Volcano of Fire. I'm glad to see that someone else enjoys Geronimo Stilton as much as I do! Here's another suggestion, The journey through time. I think you would thoroughly enjoy this adventure because it has dinosaurs in it and it goes back in time to Ancient Egypt and to the Medieval Period!Let me know what you think?

    James V