31 January, 2010

Week in Review for 28/01/10

In maths we have been looking at formula. For example, p x 3 = 45. The formula is p = 15 because     15 x 3 = 45.

In English we are studying persuasive righting. We are using tools like propaganda and rhetorical questions to advertise a holiday on the moon.

In inquiry we are learning about biodiversity and how all living things depend on all other living things. On Thursday we went to an enviormental scince centre where we were put into groups and did 4 different activaties. In one of them we put snails in a jar on their own, plants in a jar on their own and snails and plants in the same jar. All the things died in all of the jars except for the balanced jar. The second activity was when we took sea weed and put it test tubes and left it there for 20 minutes. When we came back, we could see it made oxygen because there where bubbles in the test tubes. In the next activity we made a play showing the interdependence of all living things. The last activite was when we made a food chain. A food chain is a line of animals that eat other animals, for example a lion eats a zebra that eats grass.

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  1. I loved the part when we used formulae it is like algebra but it is easier. I never even knew about it from year5.