03 January, 2010

Welcome back! Happy New Yar!

Welcome back to all the pupils and their families in Year 6L. I hope the New Year finds you well and ready to start the new year with a bang!

Parents are advised that our class schedule on Wednesday (6th January, 2010) will change temporarily to the Thursday schedule. On Monday (25th January, 2010), the schedule will also be the same as on Thursday. This is being done because the specialist teachers need to make up lost lessons due to secondary school closures earlier in the year.

These changes are temporary and only affect this Wednesday, 6th January and Monday, 25th January.

Mr. L


  1. Anonymous4/1/10 14:45

    thanks mr low il be preperd, mando

  2. Anonymous4/1/10 15:38

    this is a good idea because we can have some more thursdays and we don't miss out on any more subjects like P.E. And Arabic.

  3. Anonymous5/1/10 15:46

    I'am takling about the Monday session and, I like the part and I do want it to be on Monday because it is a good thing to do to the secondary school and teachers.