10 December, 2009

Trade DayReport

I have enjoyed term 1, as we had a very interesting topic which was called "The Global Marketplace". During trade day, each partner had a country, in my case it was Russia. We (my partner and I) started off with 16 units of currency and ended with 34 units of currency which was brilliant. My partner and me thought of first selling all our things and then buying all the things we needed. Everytime we bought an object or we sold one we had to record it on the balance sheet. At the end of the day, we had to work out whether we had more or less money than when we started. The Phillipines started off with 3 units and ended with 4 units of currency which was ok. They thought that bringing people to their country table was quite hard this was hard because no one wanted to listen to them as they thought they had nothing to sell to them. Egypt started with 6 units and ended with 25 units of currency which was excellent. They thought that finding all the things they needed to buy was quite hard as it seemed like no one had the things they needed.
over all me and my partener enjoyed it as we pretended to be real countries.

Thanks B

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  1. Anonymous13/1/10 01:12

    I think that was a very good one Bassem! You wrote about other people too. You didnt think about only yourself wich is very fair!!!!