06 September, 2009

Welcome to the New Year 6L 2009 - 2010!

Welcome to the NEW Year 6L class Weblog!

Please remember that this is a work in progress and you will find that the site changes fairly often ! :)

Well, Year 6 2009 2010 is now safely tucked away in our new location on the third floor two floors above the Dutch area. It's very convenient to the playground and the new Digital Media Centre as well as the new Primary Library - three of our favourite places!! the other one being the canteen :)

Pupils should remember that there is PE this week. You can see when we have PE (and the other lessons) by clicking on the "Schedule" label on this page.

The homework schedule can be found by clicking the "Homework" label on this page.

Safety reminders for pupils:

Please come prepared for the sun! I would like to see everyone wearing a hat and sunblock when on the playground.

It's also a good idea to keep your water bottle clean by washing it at home regularly.

We hope that you find this weblog both informative and entertaining, and welcome to 6L!
Mr. L

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