20 November, 2009

Week in Review (Outings) 19 11 09

In school we have been working with a theatre. First of all we went on a trip to see their play of Cinderella. It’s not like any other Cinderella play because they choose some of us to act as some of the characters. When they don’t have enough people to act as the characters they make some of the characters shadow puppets. The other day they came to our class and we created our own shadow puppets about any fairytale we wanted, I did my shadow puppet as the fairy-godmother in Cinderella I chose that one because in the Cinderella play we saw the fairy-godmother was very funny. My friend did the genie from Aladdin but I gave her the idea! It was LOTS of fun working with the people from the theatre and I hope we work with them again soon!!!

Thanks P!

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