20 November, 2009

Week in Review (Mathematics) 11 09

In maths we learnt about vertical addition and vertical subtraction with 3 and 4 digit nubers. We did them with big numbers and small nubers. It was fun!

We also learnt about mean, median, mode and range. Mode is the nuber most that occurs most often. Median is the nuber in the middle after they have been in order. Mean is when you find the regular average. i liked mode the best as it is easy to find the answer and also because it is fun doing it.

Thanks B!


  1. I like what you wrote B, but you miss-spelt numbers alot!!!

    THNX P

  2. I liked the words you used for explaining but you didn't explain what range was and I think that you could of explained what it was as you have been learning about it?!?!?!