13 November, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 05 11 09

Hello Everybody,
I'm going to tell you about what we are going to learn in inquiry.
As we just finished our last topic 'I believe' in our inquiry unit we are starting to learn about 'the global market place', which is learning about how the communities we have around us working together by trading, buying and selling.
I've found this topic very interesting with just one week of starting it.
During this topic we will be learning about money and its history, what happened before money was invented,trades,profit and loss and at the end of our topic each kid will open their own 'company' and trade sell and buy things from others. We've also already went for a walk, just around school and see how people trade, buy, sell and even how people advertise different things.
I am really up for everything we are going to learn!

Thanks M!

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