21 November, 2009

Week in Review (Guided Reading) 19 11 09

In guided reading we have learnt to predict, visualise, write literal and inferential questions.We also drew about a sertain part of the book to know if we understud it and, to see what we visualise in our minds.
We have red lots of books but some weren't as nice as the others.

Thanks S!


  1. Very good
    But it is quite short and you should enclude more information like maybe some books you read and how you liked them or how you didn't like them. You could include how you think you did in some tasks.

  2. It's good but you should include more information like an example of a book that you have read, if you liked it and why. You also need to check your spelling.

  3. These Week Reviews on the page have been very usful for the first term, it has helped parents at home and other teachers in other schools and countries. It also helps the children to reflect on what they have learned and studied, I hope there are still more coming up!!!

  4. This is a bit short and it doesn't have much information. I think you could include some thing like what books you read and how you liked them.

  5. The giuded reading I liked creating literal and inferential questions. I reeally loved the red groups books