14 November, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 12 11 09

The inquiry is about the global marketplace we have been talking about the black- market. trade, money, bater, etc. The global marketplace is a market that connects all the markets in the world together. The markets get the things from factories and the factories get from the farmers and producers E.G. the farmer gives the buyers the 6 chickens for $6, when the markets go by them they are worth $12 and when the people by them it is worth $18, so the farmer has less money, this isn't fair trade. Fair trade is when the price a farmer gets is enough to let his family live. We had a trip around the neighbourhood and we saw: warehouses, advert posters, oil stations and shops.

Thanks A!

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  1. Anonymous7/12/09 14:36

    There are fairtrade organizations such as Fairtrade Labelling Organizations working to secure a better deal for producers.