01 November, 2009

Week in Review (Outings) 29.10.09

Theatre Trip

The trip we went yesterday was to the Theatre. The show was Cinderella, lasted for an hour and half. My friends were in the show and we had fun because we went walked to the theatre, when we reached there we were separated to two groups the rat group and the witches group. I was in the rat group and when that was finished we sat down and waited for the show to start.

In the show, Cinderella had two stepsisters and her father and her stepmother. The stepmother always gave Cinderella work to do and she never gives any to her daughters. The stepsisters were the naughty ones. Cinderella had a godmother to help her but her magic finishes at midnight.

The messenger had a message from the prince, it said all the ladies are invited to the royal castle for a ball to dance.

Cinderella was excited but the stepmother told her to stay and finish her work then Cinderella began crying, but the godmother was there to help her get to the ball. She saw a rat and a pumpkin and she turned them to a horse and carriage. Ronald was the driver. The godmother told Cinderella to be back before midnight and when it struck midnight Cinderella lost a shoe.

The ball was finished and the prince found the shoe and he told all the ladies to wear the shoe but the shoe was too big or too small and at the end he reached Ella's house, it fitted her foot and she got married to the prince.

I enjoyed the show because my friends were there and was so happy to watch them acting. Next time in Aladdin I wish i can be part of the performance team. The show was fun and at the end, we get to ask questions to know how were the puppets and costumes made and by who.

Thanks A!

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  1. Anonymous6/11/09 14:24

    I think going to the theatre was great it was a small theatre but we all fitted the sound effects were great but she just focused on 1 side of the stage and chose all the characters from that side I think, next time, she should try to pick people from both sides of the theatre.