25 November, 2009

Week view of Inquiry (The Global market place)

This time for my website contribution I get to pick absolutly ANYTHING we have looked at in this term, I wish to pick....THE HEALTHY COOKIE!!

This is one of the activities I liked most in our inquiry topic 'The Global Market Place' beacuse it showed us what it would feel like and how we would work together as a group to get someone to buy and spread our healthy cookies around the world.

Everyone in the group would have to take place in some job and activity, although we did have to figure out that sometimes you won't be agreeing with others or don't like your job, but the teachers were trying to make it as realistic as possible. one group didn't work together properly/together and so it got discualofied.

Our group was one of the groups that has made the more progress nad has put alot effort and I think it wasone of the best ones, besides we were very organised and communicators.

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  1. i really like the way you described what we actually did and you also wrote your opinion.i think this is 1 of the best ones i commented on.
    good work