02 June, 2014

Year 5G Mini-Exhibition

In two days we have our mini-exhibition for "Sharing the Planet."

Here are some images of the groups and their Year 6 Mentors. We took the pictures as we were starting to put our display boards together.

Good luck 5G one day to go! :)


  1. Anonymous3/6/14 20:19


    I really liked the exciting project we did for our mini exhibition. We did some amazing projects like planting the biomes, creating awesome presentation and more. For, the planting biomes, Our sunlight one just grew a bit (I think). Luckily, our non sunlight grew a lot like more than 8 cm but some of the roots popped out of soil. Still, I liked it! Our presentation was amazing and we really needed some editing for poster and others.

    This Wednesday, (which is 04/06/14) we will finally have our mini exhibition day! Horray! We really worked hard on this. I know we will work harder as the really special day is coming up this week! I can't wait! Work hard everyone in 5G!

    Have a nice day!

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  3. Hello,
    I think this is very exciting, only 11 more hours untill the exhibition and we are going to have so much fun. My group and I have been working very hard. Fingers crossed that it works and we get good scores