03 June, 2014

Here it is ... Hot off the press

Here is our 5G Sharing the Planet video which played during our mini-exhibition. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments.

Please don't forget that our blog will be moving for next year. Keep checking in to get the latest new address.


  1. Anonymous5/6/14 14:37

    That was really fun and I really enjoyed it all the research we are really exited for doing that next year it will be much harder we have never done something about extinct and endangered without dinosaurs

    Alexander & Adriel

  2. Anonymous5/6/14 14:37

    This is an amazing video! We found ourselves singing along with the music the whole time. It showed us all our exhibition preparation and time in BinTan!

    We hope you enjoyed the video! See you after the summer vacation, when we are in Year 6! See you!

    - Esmé and Hannah, 5G NISS

  3. Anonymous6/6/14 08:52

    I am on the front cover, YAY! Everything that we worked on was really fun and when it came to the big day it was really fun as well. How many pictures are there? They look really amazing.
    Than You

  4. Anonymous10/6/14 11:34

    I really enjoyed the loola trip.I wish we could have another trip like that it was so fun. I wonder what we're going to do next year. My favourite thing in bintan was the skywalk rock climbing and boon netting.
    Thank You
    Daniel & Oliver