21 March, 2014

"We're all going on a ... holiday!"

We'd like to thank all our visitors and subsribers and let you know we are going on a well deserved 2 week vacation! We'll return to our normal blogging activities on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. Have a happy and safe vacation, where ever you go and whatever you do. Take Care, Mr. William

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  1. Anonymous8/4/14 15:17

    YEYA! Welcome back to the 5G blog!
    It was a outstanding break, and got us thinking about our new topic- Sharing The Planet. We are getting very giddy for our year 6 and 5 trip to Lula Resort in Bin Tan! We are staying to learn more about our planet. There are so many activities we are going participate in activities like boom netting, pizza making and coconut tree climbing, etc.

    Please ask any questions-share, subscribe and comment.
    Esmé and Lucy! 