25 February, 2010

Week in Review for 11/02/10

Environmental Sciences Centre (ESC) TRIP:

2 weeks ago we went on a trip to a nearby environmental science centre. We all had groups and we did different things to the other groups. My group did acting fishing we also made food webs and we drew pictures about consumers and producers. We had luch there in very open rooms with funny doors and also there wasnt any windows there was just fly screen.

I had a great time there and i hope to go back there again.


Next week we have our Maths Week I hope it will be fun! This week my friends and i made a maths game it is 3-D snakes and ladders/monoply it is really fun.
Inquiry and english: this week we had our celebration of learning and we all got to show our parents our diaramas and our information , we also did our persuasive speeches for judging by Miss Phelps she is one of the secondary english teachers.

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