16 May, 2010

Week in Review for 13/05/10.


Over the past week Year 6 has not seen much of our school! thats because we went to a very important War Memorial as a part of our inquiry topic "Caught In The Crossfire." While on camp, we visited 3 war memorials the Commonwealth, the German and the Italian memorial we also made a quick stop at the nearby War Museum.


During maths on Sunday and Thursday we started to learn about long divsion and multiplication, we also had our very first maths lesson outside on the playground! It was a little bit hot even though we were in the shade, and there were lots of flies but it was still fun in an educational way.


In English our teacher introduced us to writing newspapers everyone was open-minded saying that the topic was going to be hard for them but now everyone has learnt that it is really easy and fun. We are already up to writing our final drafts!

Thanks G!

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