28 May, 2010

Week in Review for 20/05/10

Over the past week in English, we have finished writing our final drafts and typing them up, we are now up to choosing design templates for our newspapers with Mr. Lowes' assistance.
Also we have been writing scripts for our yr6 assembly plays with a strict deadline! each group gets at maximum a 5 minute play performing a year stage like an important event in nursery or reception, yr 1, yr2, yr3...., there is also a play for everyone.

Maths: During maths we have been brushing up on prime numbers and we are also doing Christian Goldbachs' (he lived between the 1690s' and the 1760s') theory (conjecture), he was a maths professor at the Russian Imperial Academy. His theory is that "Every integer can be written as the sum two primes, can also be written as the sum of as many primes as one wishes, until all terms are units."
He also wrote a second theory "every integer greater than two can be written as the sum of 3 primes."

Inquiry: In Inquiry we have been writing narrative stories about a leader of our choosing living during the times of World War Two for example: Hitler and the Blitzkreig. Now that everyone is finished we are adding things to our portfolio for our student led conferences at the end of the year.

I.C.T: In I.C.T we have been writing reflections about all the websites and software we have used over the year there are many websites Mr. Lowe has introduced us to. The website we are most familier with is Edu20, were Mr. Lowe sends us our homework and messages about what we will be doing each day.

Thanks G!

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