03 December, 2010

Week in Review for 02/12/10

In school, our inquiry topic is about conflict and peace.
We are learning about WW2 and other conflicts and for our summative task, we needed to choose a conflict that we want to reasearch about and we need to make a nespaper or a video like on the news. I am doing the Korean War and it is very intersting.
For the inquiry unit, we also went on a three day class trip to a war memorial site. We went to see German, Commonwealth and Italian memorials. Each one was very different. The German one was like an ancient old one, and the Italian one is like very clean and white and nice with a big echo. We also went to grave sites at the Commonwealth memorial. There were so many people died in the war. I felt kind of sad.
We also went to the local war museum. It was very intersting. We needed to answer questions in our trip booklet. We needed to treat them like gold so they would not get lost. It was very useful to learn about the conflicts which have happened .
In math, we started to learn about average,like mean, median, range and MODE. MODE stands for... Most Often. We learned that, for example: 1,3,5,7,6,2,2,4,3,3,1,9,8. The number which we see most often is 3. So the mode is 3. We also learned Median and Mean. Median is the number in the middle when you have a group of numbers. EX:2,2,3,5,7. We put them in order smallest to largest and find the middle number. So the midian is 3. But if the group of numbers is an even number, you do like this. EX:2,2,3,5,7,7. 3+5=8. 8 divide 2 =4. so 4 is the midian. The mean is like this. 20,20,20. if you add them, it is 60. 60 divided by 3 is 20. the mean is 20. It was very fun.

Thanks S!
map credit: HowStuffWorks/CC

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