30 January, 2012

Sharing Work With Others

Today, Year 6 started learning about ways we can share our work with others. Specifically, we learned about podcasting and creating dramatic works for publishing on the internet using Audacity. We started by listening to and analysing a radio drama from 1947, and how sound effects were used to create a visual picture.


  1. I love this idea! I think listening to an old radio broadcast and talking about how many people they were able to reach with it is such a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mr. Avery

  2. Hi Mr Avery,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    The children always seem to enjoy this because it allows them to take stories they may have already created and bring them to life to a wider audience.

    We will be posting samples of our dramas in a few weeks.

    Thanks again for visiting, please spread the word! :)