11 December, 2013

This week in Year 5 06.12.13

This Week's Reflection (06.12.13)

This week in Year 5 we did lots of fun activities!

In P.E. we learn't how to do the scissor kick and the fozzbery flop. To do the scissor kick, you find you're stong leg. Then you run in a curved direction and jump on the strong leg and make you're legs kick like scissors. The flop is easy because all you do is run in a curved direction stay on your weak leg and spin, jump and flop onto the mattress. It was so much fun!

 In math we did fractions with unlike and like denominators. It's easy, all you do for unlike fractions is like when you subtract fractions, multiply the denominator and then do it on the opposite sides! With the like denominator its just the regular adding or subtracting. You just work out the numerators. It was challenging but interesting.

In UOI (our unit of inquiry) we created our own legends and made posters showing the features of a legend and fable. The features for a fable are that there is a moral, the animals usually talk and act like himans. In a legend, they usually have some truth or are started with something which really happened, it is easy to remember and repeat, set in the olden times, and usually has at least one human in. It was really cool because we could use our imagination to make the posters funky! 

When we did swimming we learn't that the dolphin kick also known as the mermaid kick (feet) is used in butterfly. We learn't how to do the swim properly and how to use the arm pull to help us breathe. We used the froggy swim arm pull. Our swim teacher made a funny way to remember the froggy swim arm pull; open the box, make the pizza, eat it (breath) and cut it in half. It is really cool remembering the weird arm pull.

In French, we were working on translating verbs. It was challenging but we succeeded! In Mandarin we were working on our speeches for the Chinese New Year Assembly.

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