21 January, 2014

Learning to Blog

This year's group of Year 5s are learning to blog, many for the first time. Blogging is a great way to share our learning and to investigate the world around us. It helps to create connectons with new friends and extend our opportunities for learning.

To begin with though, we are looking at what makes a great comment. So, we've begun by creating paper blog posts about our holidays. We'll then be commenting on the posts using postit notes.
We've already covered the guidelines about what makes a great blog comment, which are:
  1. Thank the writer for sharing their post.
  2. Read the post carefully and try to find a connection with the writer or the post.
  3. Always make sure you add to the conversation, by contributing what you know about the topic.
  4. Ask the writer a question about the topic.
  5. Edit your work carefully for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  6. End your comment with a thank you.
  7. Write your first name
  8. Click publish.
We've started our journey! :)

What other advice would you give for a good comment?
Do you have a class blog you'd like us to visit?


  1. Anonymous24/1/14 09:44

    Esmé and Aalia

    Good day! We are very excited about learning how to blog. It's fun! The photos are cool, but wouldn't it be tremendous to have videos?

    Happy Blogging!

    Esmé and Aalia

  2. Hi Esmé and Aalia.
    I love blogging too. I think you are right. It would be tremendous to have a video as well as a photo. Not like a paragraph and that's it. Like so, your scrolling down the page and you want something to catch your eye a photo or a video will do the trick.

    By, your blogging friend: Adriel!