19 February, 2014

Where Does My Breakfast Come From?

Recently, we started gearing up for our Trade Day event for our UoI topic of "Going Global," where the children learn about Globalisation, trade, fair trade and some basics around the economics which states need to consider to survive.
One of the recent engagements we asked the learners to investigate was to identify the ingredients in their breakfast and to discover where those ingredients might originate from and how they get from there to their breakfast table. This, in a small way, helps them to get a more global understanding that much our food comes from somewhere else, with the help of lots of people.


  1. Anonymous24/2/14 17:05

    Dear people of the internet,

    I really enjoyed that video! It was a creative way of displaying work. I also learnt that sugar came from sugar cane, I thought it was made out of other stuff.

    Thank you for teaching me.
    Happy Blogging.

  2. Miss Brown25/2/14 02:54

    A great way to complete your homework! You must explain how you did it to my class - I bet they would be very interested.