03 March, 2014

Book Week in 5G! James W.

This week at school we are celebrating Book Week! There are lots of fun things lined up for us this week as we share our favourite books and characters.

My Favourite Book by James W.

Have you ever read about Diary of a Wimpy Kid? It is my favourite book.It is a novel in cartoons and it has been made into a movie too.

It's a series of books about this kid named Greg Heffley .Greg's life in middle school is bad and his holiday is horrible because he always gets bullied and is not strong inside his heart.Physically He is not strong either .Greg loves this girl named Holly Elizabeth but Holly does not love him back.

Sometimes he feels so bad that he pretends to be sick so he does not have to go to school. I like this book because it is really funny as well as sad. Once I laughed so much while I was drinking and ended up spitting all the water out. Good thing about him is that at the end of most diaries he usually finds a way to cheer himself up.

I almost have a full collection of the books now.It is such a good book maybe you should read it,watch the movie or go on the website:http://www.wimpykidclub.co.uk/.


  1. Anonymous3/3/14 12:12


    We are really excited for the book week and dress as our favorite characters and our favourite sidekicks. We are really looking forward to having lots of fun and we are looking forward to party with other characters and their enemies.

    Are you looking forward to dressing up as your favourite characters?


  2. Anonymous3/3/14 12:14

    Hi,year 5

    l really enjoy our book week , and James l like the way you write about your favourite book.

  3. Anonymous4/3/14 10:05

    Hi James W!

    I love your post it's very well written and I like the way you described your favourite book!

    Daisy 5G

  4. Hi James W,

    I enjoyed reading your post! It showed all your entertainment towards all the action and characters. It shows you under stand how he feels and that you feel it to. I call it a Feeling Wave.

    My favourite book is Lemony Snicket's Sires Of Unfortunate Events. Lemony is a creative writer that sometimes pulls away from the story and connects it with his life. He has been forced to write about the Baudelaire's tragic life starting with when their parents died in a terrible fire. I am up to book 11/13 The first book grabbed my attention, it started with Evil Count Olaf who tried to steal the fortune that the orphans have. The second was a beautiful tale but Olaf tracked the Baudelaires down and killed there uncel (who they would have lived happily with if he didn't die). Then to their other Aunt who got abbandond on a boat attacked by leachs while the Baudelairs got rescued by Olaf.
    Then four about a mill, and five about a boarding school, and six about a ersatz (fake- pretending to be something other than itself) elevator, then a village with crows like an ocean, and then a hospital, and then a carnival, then a mountain, then a grotto. Its really cool because Lemony explanes hard words and always tells you about a clue to discovering something 5 chapters away.

    I love books about mysteries. I love untucking clues and solving mysteries.

    Your book review was awesome!

    Esme 5G