14 May, 2014

Our School Trip by Adriel

Bintan Field Trip (AKA Loola!)

About two weeks back we had a trip to Bintan. 

This image shows where Bin Tan Island, Indonesia is from Singapore.
Travelling there took way too long because we had to take a bus from school then a ferry to Bintan island then another bus to the Activity Center. 
The resort was called "Loola". When we first arrived, we unloaded our luggage but after that, we had the most yummiest lunch ever (well I thought it was)! After the most delicious lunch we had our first activity was being eco friendly. 10 people were picked to do something (road building). I was 1 of the 10 who had to go to a house in the jungle. We had to make their backyard ready for a new sanitation system and a garden. 

When we arrived, there was a huge square hole in the ground. All of us put on work gloves and started loading it up with gravel. We kept on doing this until the gravel filled the hole half way ... it took forever! By the time we finished, late in the afternoon, we had to walk back to the camp

Finally, it was dinnertime, yahoo! Then bed time! Yay! (normally I hate sleeping). At breakfast time, I had a feeling that it would be the best day of our trip. 

First off, we got to do something called Sky Walking. I was super brave, and a risk taker, but in the inside I was terrified. Mikey in Year 6, my best buddy, helped by encouraging me. When I jumped off, it felt like I was still on the platform but my body fell. 

Next, was rock climbing. It was so easy but I was a bit scared at first. I got to the top in 70 seconds - a new record! I BEAT everybody else's time. 

During lunch time, I sat with some of the year 6s. It was awesome and I mean, awesome because I was the only Year 5 there. After lunch, I had no clue what we were doing next until the teacher told us. It was a real surprise when we found out we were making our own rafts with barrels, big wooden sticks and rope. When we were done we had to take it into the water and try it out. Ours just broke apart when we put it in the water. It was fun building it though and I showed the PYP attitude of teamwork.

The next activity was my favorite, Boom Netting, when you jump off a BIG boat into a large net by the side of the boat. There is a second level on the boat as well (for the best canon balls!). 

I was being a risk-taker because I thought it was going to hurt when jumping off the second level. Afterwards, I was SO TIRED I could barely stand. After Boom-Netting we went back to the camp for Dinner then showers then to bed. You know how I said I hate sleeping? Now, I love sleeping! 

Next morning, I was up and ready for what I knew would be another fun day. At the breakfast table we were told that we were going to go Dragon Boating,Wicked! I thought. Then I heard we were also going canoeing, double wicked! 

It was a great few days and I enjoyed it a lot. But I was glad to be back and see my family again.


  1. Anonymous16/5/14 23:47

    Dear Adriel,
    My name is Cade and I am from Iowa. That sounded like an amazing field trip! Did you actually go Boom-netting? Sounds like so much fun! If you want to come see my class’s blog then here is the link! http://kidblog.org/MrSwitzersClass/.

  2. Anonymous17/5/14 00:06

    Hello, I’m Gil from the US and I live in Iowa. I was on Comments4kids and saw your blog. I thought that your field trip to the Bin Tan islands. It looked really fun! How many Kids are in your class? Please comment on my blog here- http://kidblog.org/MrSwitzersClass/author/22fd4671-a51c-4fc0-b8ba-30c33ead3dff/
    -Your reader Gil T.

  3. Anonymous1/6/14 10:48


    I really enjoyed the Loola trip.I liked working for the school I hope the school liked what we did because it was hard very hard. My favorite thing was the skywalk and the rock climbing. I wonder where were going next year.
    From Oliver

  4. Anonymous9/6/14 09:23

    Hi.I really enjoyed Bintan trip too.I especially enjoyed riding dragon boat.
    I hope I go to the Bintan again.