14 June, 2014

This is 5G All-Stars ... Signing off!

Well, we have arrived at the end of another school year, and what an exciting and busy year it has been, with exhibitions, mystery hangouts, mini-exhibitions, school productions, presentations and international school trips - whew! How did we fit all that in?

It has abeen a great year. Sadly, some of our learners are leaving us for other destinations in the world so all of us in 5G wish them "Happy trails."

As they say in Ireland,

                                  May the road rise to meet you,
                                  May the wind be always at your back,
                                  May the sun shine warm upon your face..

Safe journeys to all for the summer, have a safe and fun holiday.

See you all in August,


  1. i really miss that time

    Lucy hong

  2. Anonymous8/6/15 22:53

    Hi Lucy! We really missed you this year too! We hope you're having a wonderful time! If you want, do send us a message at our email address! I will pass along your greetings!! :)
    Mr. W