01 April, 2010

Week in Review for 01/04/10

My website contribution

In inquiry we have been working on our summative task . Our summative
task is building our own Forces chain reaction. We had to first design then
create it . Here is an example of a Chain reaction: push a ball, it rolls on
down a slide, then falls through the whole through a tube then pushes over the dominoes and the
dominoes which then push the car in the parking. It has to include as many forces as you
can think of. Some people decided to do posters of a chain reaction instead.

Reading records

This week we had to continue our reading records. We do this to show how well
we read and what we understood from the text. Also, the next time we do our reading
record we can see how much we have improved. Here is what we do: first,
you read the story out loud then you read it to yourself . Afterward Mr.Lowe will ask questions
about what you've read but you can look in the text for the answer. Some questions are inferential
questions which are questions where the answer is found by looking at the clues in the text.


In math, we have been doing Percentage, fractions and decimals.
The one that I have enjoyed the most but didn't, really understand it in the
begginig was you had to find the percentage given with the amount of money
given . Then with the answer subtract with the amount of money given.
Here is an example :

20% of 3.00 pounds = 60p. Then I need to do this--> 3.00 pounds - 60p = 2.40 pounds.

Thanks S!

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