01 May, 2010

Week in Review for 30/04/10

This week has been our first week of our third and last term, NEARLY SECONDARY!!!

We, have started Journalistic Writing in English, Conflict in Inquiry and Maths is getting VERY busy!

In English, we have started working on journalist writing, this week we have done our practice draft but next week we are going to start the real piece of journalist writing. We are all very excited and have already started to think about what we are going to write THIS time. Some people are going to do the same topic as the practice draft, others want to change topic. We have one main topic and then from four to six small topics which is quite a lot of work!

In maths we have finished textbook 6B and started textbook 6C. The work on textbook 6C that we have been doing this week has been revising what we did in term 2 and working on adding and subtracting numbers with decimals. We also did a game called “Decimal Battleship” it was a really interesting and fun game to play, we enjoyed it a lot!!!

In Inquiry we have started a new topic called "Conflict." This topic tells us about the reasons countries go to war (Religion, Enconomic reasons, Natural resources and territory) and how different types of wars happened and why they happened, how these wars could have not happened and so on. Most of the class is really interested on working about the topic World War Two and we are doing lots of different tasks that we enjoy doing. For example, a few days ago we got into partners and chose one of the leaders of a country e.g. Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, De Gaulle, Hitler, Mussolini, etc. Then we researched about them and wrote as many notes we could about them. At the end of the lesson our teacher asked us a question about the person we researched, every time you missed a question the next one got harder!!! Unlucky last person!

In this topic we are having the best trip of the term, the trip that all year 6 classes are waiting for... . It is a place where a very important part of World War Two happened, it shows us how many people died, who those people were and why they had died. This trip is soon and everyone is willing for those weeks to pass quickly because they really want to go. They’ve given us all the information we needed and this has made everyone more nervous and excited at the same time!

As you can see, Term 3 is started as quite a busy term but some of us don't like that much! :)

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