06 May, 2010

Week in Review for 06/05/10.


In English we have been working on narrative writing. We had to choose a person from WWII and write a piece of narrative writing as if you were that person. I chose Charles De Gaulle and I learned a lot about him like how he felt about the war and how he had to escape to London. This was important because it had a lot to do with what I was writing about. I also learned that when he was broadcasting on the BBC radio in London, he had to use coded messages in case the NAZI’S were listening.

In Math’s we have been working on division. We had to divide decimals and 2 digit numbers. I learned different methods of how to divide whole numbers and I learned a method that was new to me. I also think I got better at division because I used to only divide a 1 digit number by any other number but now I can divide bigger numbers! I have never divided decimals before but then I got better at it once I had practice.

In Inquiry we have started a new topic called conflict and we have mainly been learning about WW2 as an example of conflict. We watched a video called “Goodnight Mr. Tom” about how refugees had to leave London because of the war going on. During the video, I learned how children had to leave their parents and go to safer places, away from the war. They had to stay with someone they didn’t even know with only around 2 suitcases with them.

Thanks K!

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