20 September, 2010

Week in Review for 16/9/10

In Maths we learned about brackets. Mr L taught us an easy way to solve a sum. It's called Bodmas. B stands for brackets, O stands for order, D stands for division, M stands for multiplication, A stands for addition and S stands for subtraction. In Music we learned where the notes go. We also chanced a song.Ms Lala told us the names of the notes. In swimming we are learning front crawl. At the end of the lesson we had freetime. In French we are learning about the world.We learned how to say the continents in French. In English we are learning about Poems.We have learned a lot about poems.We learned about acrostic poems and we learned how to write poems. In Inquiry we are learning about traditions and culters. We are researching about teraditions and cultures from three countries. It's very interesting. We had a great week.

Great Job F!

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