27 January, 2011

Week in Review for 27/01/11

This week was the last of my exams and Book Week! The Arabic and Christian religion was easy but the social studies was extremely hard and complicated. On sunday I basically embarassed myself doing the TinTin dance and then I went home. The next day was the big day (the day of the test) and then I did more graphing with Mr.Boyd for our "project." On Monday night my mom suprised me and got alot of my freinds for a sleep over. Wednesday was the first normal day of the week for me though I didn't really get the Chris White poems and Arabic was fun too we got to draw and write poems in Arabic (not like the stuff we would usually do.) I'm still waiting to see if I passed in the exam but other than that I got alot more tests later!

Thanks M!

Book week was very fun. We dressed up as our favorite character and read lots of books. This week we have no homework if we do our readathon. The only homework we do is reading. On Wednesday Chris White came to our school. He was very funny. In French we are studying clothes. We sometimes go on linguascope. It is very fun. In Guided Reading we are summarizing. We didn't have P.E on Tuesday because there was no school on Tuesday. In English we are doing our Explanatory writing. Book week has been lots of fun.

Thanks F!


  1. Hi there!

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really liked your blog post about book week. Your book week sounds really fun! I liked that you dressed up as your favorite character and that you didn't have homework if you did the readathon. I see that you were working on summarizing. I think this post was a great summary. Keep up the good work!

    Jessica Brown
    EDM310 Student
    University of South Alabama

  2. Hello M!
    I hope you did well on your test! I remember studying social studies when I was your age. It was really hard, but I stuck with it and now it's one of my favorite courses! Who knew? I think it's really neat that you can write in Arabic. I'm trying to learn how to write Spanish right now and I bet it's completely different from everything you're doing!

    Dear F,
    Who was your favorite character that you dressed up as? And what books are you reading now? It's great you guys know so many different languages! I wish our schools required we learn more than one language. Instead of learning at your age I'm having to catch up!

    My name is Miles, and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama all the way across the see in America. If you can, look at my class blog I've started at http://bubbettmilesedm310.blogspot.com/
    Hope to hear back from you guys!
    ~ Miles