15 May, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution by Year 6WL

Below you will find reflections by the pupils of how the Egyptian Revolution affected them, and how they felt about the changes taking place in their lives and the lives of those around them. Thankfully, we were able to have our lessons online using the website Vyew.com. I hope you find the reflections as thought provoking as we have.

Friday night, we got stuck out in a suburb of Cairo. We had to sleep at a friend’s house because there was a curfew. I learned that there were protests going on against the President. The President had blocked the roads, cut off phone lines and cut off the Internet. Today we were packing just in case we had to leave Egypt. We got a call saying we were going to England. It ended up that we would just go to a resort outside the city.

The first night back home was a bit scary. I could hear gun shots from the balcony and I could see tanks at the gas station. I was really scared because we live very close to a prison. When I heard the local mall had been broken into and burned I thought about my favorite shop Claire’s and it was tragic. Its kind of strange because earlier in school my friends and I were talking about what we would do if something happened to Claire’s and how sad that would be. As I was going to bed this night, I felt kind of scared and like we should not be here. Its weird that the year we chose to come here is the year that this had to happen.

Next, we got a call to be ready at the drop of a hat. My dad said we are going to England. That freaked me out because it was just so sudden. Some of the stuff I liked I could not take which made me really sad. I was especially worried about my cats. I was relieved when our landlord offered to look after them while we were away.

When another call came saying that we could not go to England and instead would go to another location outside the city, I was disappointed because I hoped to see my grandma. The next morning, we got on a bus. It was a long drive and I saw lots of tanks and soldiers along the way.

As soon as I saw where we would be staying, I was relieved and excited. There was a big white water slide that was so much fun, but we had to buy a tube. Our room had three different sections, my parents room, a lounge and a room for my brother and me.

During our stay, we went on a snorkeling cruise and my parents and brother saw a Napolean fish, a sting ray and a moray eel. I got to hold a puffer fish and I threw the fish that the boat people caught back in to the sea. At the last Island, I snorkeled around and found starfish and shells with living things inside.

After the cruise we ate dinner and went up to play ping pong and pool. I’m getting better at ping pong but I am still learning how to use the stick for pool. Later I went to bed watching CSI. I was so freaked out by this show that I couldn’t even get out of bed to turn off the TV.

Eventually we got told that we would go home on the bus the next day or the day following. We chose to go home on the last bus. Finally, we arrived home where my cats were waiting for me on the porch. Carrying back all of those bags was worth it when I saw the cats. Asia literally hugged me and wouldn’t let go. I really love them and I’m happy to be home.

By M

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