14 May, 2011

Week in Review for 12/05/11

This week we have concentrated on creativity in more than one task. In English we were concerned books and authors and that is why we made our own board games about our favourite books and authors. In Inquiry, we have started a new topic and we have started making drawings so that we learn how to draw in our comics, the way we are drawing is called Manga and it was created by some japanese artists that have then spread it to the media to make cartoons and many other things. This is to show how we will decide what the right thing to do is when we need to make difficult decisions as we get older. As for Math we have been planning a trip with a friend, it is not that easy once you know that you only have 10,000 GBP
and you spend them in hotel rooms and flights, the hard part is that you have to calculate the distance between the first country to the other country and the trip has to be in 9 different countries in 9 different cities. Then we had to change our money and change our distances from km to meters.

Thanks Z!

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