04 June, 2011

Mobile Devices in Class

"Ok, now just act natural..."
We have started using our Mobile Learning devices. We were all very excited because this was the first project in school history and we were the one who got to experience it first so we got started right away. First we got out our inquiry book and wrote down our expectations of our Mobile learning devices we have wrote 13 expectation. Some of the main expectations were NEVER leave your device unattended, treat other people’s device how you want yours to be treated, share your devices and don’t be silly with your devices. After we wrote our 13 expectations the next thing we had to do was to get a permission slip and get it sign by our parents and then bring our permission slip and bring it to our teacher the next day.

The next day we set our schedules of when we will bring our Mobile learning devices and the days were set as Monday and Tuesday and people who didn’t bring their permission slips weren’t allowed to use their devices and was lock in the teachers locker. What we did first when our mobile, laptop devices were at school the I.C.T department people had came and set up our connections. Fortunately all of them which was brought with the permission slips were connected to the router (internet) and it was our first day of our mobile learning devices so we practiced by visiting our class website and answered some comments and we explored with it a little and we went home.

The next Monday more people have brought their permission with their devices and they were all connected to the router (internet) and we started by keeping our devices safe from any danger. We started working on the basic steps like setting up QR code reader which can read QR codes and writing comments, visiting websites and connecting to the router which have been cut off during the week. We started to use our mobile learning devices we had some little troubles but everyone is enjoying the project and having the best use of the devices to do our school work.

I think that it is a very good idea to have our mobile devices with us because  we might have some work on our devices that can't be transformed to a USB or another netbook. Also, we always have our devices so why can't we use them? Why i dont think it is such a good idea to have our devices because some people might think that you are showing off and it might make the people who don't get a chance to have their devices and work on them and they would see us then get jealous. Another reason why i did not think it was such a great idea is because it might be a risk for some people if they lose it or not or if they get some cracks on it and worst of all, you get it stepped on!

For me, it was a great experience and I think that all of us have learned a lot.  The only way we would have gone through with it was all because of the great IT Technician, who helped us through everything!!!!

Thanks for this J!

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