16 June, 2011

Week in Review for 16/06/11

The past  week we had very fun days. In math we have learned how to calculate surface area of cylinder, volume of cylinder and area of a cylinder. We need to use a method called pi which is very useful for working out surface area,volume and area of any circular shape. All of us have learned very many things and it was very fun.

In English, we presented our author comparisons. We also had our student led conferences. We all had to prepare to show things that we have done through out the year to our parents. We had to write reflections about our work because it helped alot in our presentation. In our presentations we didn't get embrassed in front of our parents and it actually helped us on D-day, phew!

In Inquiry we had to compare our information that we learned and researched through the week and put them together in some form of presentation. Our group decided to do poster, it was our first time making posters in our group but it wasn't hard when it was our first try.

In P.E it was sort of a test. What we had to do was beat the records. The records was measured in time. It was fun for some of us and some freaked out.

In Music we still practised our music and we are very excited about it because we are going to perform it on Sunday next week. We all tried our best and we are going to do our best in the performance.

In our 10% time we all worked hard and we were all very happy the only thing was that it was our last 10% time we were all disapointed and the leftover work we need to work in summer holiday.

Thanks, J!

(Mr.Lowe: Everyone did a fabulous job, well done! I was really proud of you all for working so hard during your music lessons!)

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