05 June, 2011

Week in Review 02/06/11

This past week we learnt alot and did many fun activities.

In English we continued our author comparisons which is where we had to do research about two authors and what books they have written and what inspired them to write their books. Next week we have to present our findings to the class in the form of a presentation. It was a little complicated to find all the information but we still enjoyed finding out more about our favourite authors.

In Maths we had some time to finish our mathletics tasks. We were continuing on with Ratio and Proportion. It's fun to learn new things in maths because maths is important. I found this subject difficult though.

In inquiry we were put into groups, 1,2 and 3. In each group we had to research about migrations and put the information we found in our inquiry books. Next week we will go to a different group and share information with them and they will share their information with us.

In music this week was really fun. We were practising the song we are the champions and also the song we will rock you. It was really fun all singing together. Another thing that was really fun was that we finally had the Key Stage 2 production performance which I am in. It was so much fun with the music and the lights and everyone watching.

In Arabic we built houses out of cardboard and furniture with our modeling clay. It was fun.

Finally in PE this week some of us missed PE because we had production rehearsals but when I was there in PE we did diving and survival techniques.

Thanks H!

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