23 November, 2012

Making Movies Year 1

 In Year 1 we have been learning about digital images and digital movies. We are starting to understand that video is a collection of still images put together and played really quickly.

To help us with making our first movies, we have been using a program from Textease called Textease Movies CT.

We have been learning our way around the program, learning to add and remove digital images, which we browsed for on our network, add transitions, edit the timeline and some simple titles. Some of us also learned how to add some simple sound effects to go along with our movies.

We had lots of fun reordering the images we used and deciding which images we wanted to include as well as which transitions we liked the best. Some of us worked with partners and some wanted to do our work independently.

The classes worked fabulously well together sharing their understanding and working collaboratively to find out their own answers to questions with their friends.
We also started recording our own short video clips which we will be putting into our Textease Movies CT program so we can further our understanding.

We are really looking forward to finishing our first movies!

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