26 October, 2012

Making Games in Year 2

Earlier this term Year 2 began creating their own games to start learning about graphics as well as an introduction game creation and programming.

We began the unit with a discussion of famous games and what made them interesting and exciting to play. We then moved on to a discussion of the importance of graphics and why we need to know how to create images and how to change and use them.

We then began experimenting with creating our own games based on our own experiences with games we enjoyed and how the games worked. The end results were an excellent collection of games created by Year 2 which have been edited over and over again!

We had a great time creating and playing our games and the games other students had created. We really enjoyed using the "2doit Yourself" programme from 2 Simple Software and we've learned a lot about creating an interesting and well-thought out game!

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