29 January, 2014

Chinese New Year Poem

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year, fun and games,
dragon's coming blowing flames.
Lanterns hanging here and there,
fireworks exploding everywhere!
Dumplings, noodles, rice and meat,
all together, let's go eat!
Chinese New Year has come around,
come on kids, let's not frown.
Drums bashing, symbols crashing,
come on, let's crowd around.
The Chinese New Year dragon's coming!
Come on people, lets start running!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Thanks to A, E & D for this great poem :)


  1. Anonymous3/2/14 15:58

    Hi there,

    First thank you for sending me this poem. I really like your poem it sound so nice and I really like when you mentioned the dumpling, noodles rice and meat. It sound so nice and it really made me drool. A lot! It's really a great poem and thank you for your great effort

    How about you do you like this poem?


  2. Thanks for your comment Iris. The girls worked quite hard on it, so I'm sure your comments will be appreciated. Of course, my favourite part of the poem is the food as well!
    In fact, after reading it, I made sure my family had Chinese food that evening for dinner!
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment on the blog.

  3. Anonymous24/2/14 15:11


    The Chinese, It was so interesting and you were describes this very clearly.