03 February, 2014

Chinese New Year

On Chinese New Year families get together and have a big feast. Elder people give red packets with money to children (it is called hong bao in Chinese).

People also have fireworks, ceremonies and parties. Chinese New Year is a time for families to catch up and a time to have fun and joy each others company.

On the 29th of January, Nexus had a free dress (well you had to wear Chinese outfits or something red) because of Chinese New Year. Yesterday we had our Chinese New Year assembly. Year 5 did a Chinese rap and 8 members did a song with a solo each.

After the assembly our head of primary, Mr B came around dressed as Chinese Emperor, Cai Shen. Cai Sen is the god of fortune. Mr. B went around the school with 2 helpers, giving out hong bao with chocolate coins inside.

The Legend Of Nian

Long ago, in ancient China, there was a monster who traveled from village to village, eating anyone he saw. A god banished Nian the monster into a mountain cave He was allowed to come out only once a year.

Only one village knew his weakness. One day the village found out that Nian was going to the forbidden kingdom for dinner. The forbidden kingdom was only a few miles south of their village. So, they glued red paper on the walls and doors, hung lanterns and lit the candles in the lanterns and put the lanterns outside the houses. They got fire crackers and matches ready. Nian was scared of the colour red, bright lights and loud noises.

When Nian came, everything in the village was dark, like a black blanket. Suddenly a firework exploded in the air! Then another and another. As Nian was distracted by the fireworks the villagers lit the candles and lanterns. Nian saw the light and roared. He also saw the red paper in the light and the lanterns. He got so scared he ran away back into his mountain home.

Now every year people all over the world hang up lanterns, stick red paper on walls and doors and lit fireworks to scare away Nian. Now that day is called Chinese New Year, a big celebration to show Nian, they know his weakness.

2014 is the year of the horse (horse is ma in Chinese). Horse is an adaptable, loyal, courageous, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous and strong animal. The horse's element is fire. Two good partners with it are the dog and tiger.

We wish you and your family good fortune and prosperity throughout this year! :)

Written by E .M F 

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