26 February, 2014

Fabulous February IN 5G

Wow! What a month we've had. We have been very busy with our UoI topic of Going Global and Trade Day as well as being observers for the Year 6 Trade Day. We've started Quadblogging and we'll be continuing our reading competition with the help of Mr Shaun in the library. Here are just a few of the images of things we've been up to this month. Check out this video I made with Animoto: Fabulous February IN 5G - Animoto video


  1. Anonymous28/2/14 14:09


    We did trade day,when we observe the year 6 trade day they were very busy. They were trying very hard to earn money from the banker for their country, If they don't get the right shape the banker will throw it away. On our trade day we did slightly did the same thing. We were going each table to sell things as cheap as possible but some people kept on coming to our table and said two diamonds for $200! That was how we started. Trade day was fun we hope we can do it again.

    Iris&Aryana From 5G All-Stars

  2. Anonymous3/3/14 11:33

    Hello, (this is in past tense because it is now march)

    This February has been really fun, we have done trade day and we have spectated year 6 doing their trade day as it was even harder because they had to actually cut out the shapes to sell where as we had been given an amount of shapes already to sell. I have learnt things like how to trade and to be careful with your money because it can be gone in seconds

    Thank you,