25 February, 2014

Personification Poem by Lucy

I live in outside.
I can see butterflies and bees in the morning.
I cannot move.
I am afraid of humans that are near me.
I dream of becoming very beautiful.
I come in different colours and different types.

My name is love.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Anonymous26/2/14 09:30

    We really like personification poem because it's really describing what a flower looks like or act and it really is tuff but you can still figure it out. We really like the way you use some interesting words like (humans that are near me.) We also like when you put the name love in because it's not very obvious.

    Did you enjoy doing it? was it hard thinking for a poem like that?

    Iris&Aryana                

    1. Anonymous11/3/14 14:12

      Dear Aryana and Iris,

      Yeah, it was fun creating that poem. It was hard trying not to spoil the flower but other wise it was awesome!

  2. Anonymous28/2/14 14:21

    Hi Lucy,
    Your poem is epic! The only thing was that it was too short so next time put a bit more lines. I like how you discribed about the flower like saying I come in diffrent colors and types.
    James V