25 February, 2014

How to Do BEDMAS (Order of Operations) by Doga

Hello All!

Previously in maths we were doing some fantastic BEDMAS questions which are really easy once you understand the steps!

And this will be an example to how to do it:

First you need the instructions: B stands for Brackets, E stands for Exponents (but I don't know how to show what they look like here) D stands for Division, M stands for Multiplication, A stands for Addition and finally S which stands for Subtraction!

We learned that we skip a letter if we don't have it in our number sentence here is a clear example!


B- (9÷3) Do what's in the brackets first and we have already done division in the brackets so the division step will just be a line.
E- ------------------- (there are no exponents in this question)
D- -------------------
M- 3x5 The three is the answer to the question in brackets(9÷3)
A- 2+15 the 15 is the answer to the Multiplication which was 3 x 5
S- 17-3


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  1. Anonymous28/2/14 14:30


    BEDMAS is really fun it shows you how to solve a problem step by step. If you know how the BEDMAS works it helps your math to be easier in the future and forever

    Do you understand how the BEDMAS works?