25 February, 2014

My View of Trade Day by Doga

I think that the Trade Day was pretty fun.

I found it challenging when people just said "no buying just selling. But it was really fun.

We mostly went around to try get people to buy our exports and Max Daniel and me where the ones going around while Jake and William were selling stuff from the table.

There were alot of  something called a "CRISIS." My group got it two times in a row!

The things that I learned from this was that if you have trading friends that is a really good because after a crisis then they will know that you need more items so they might sell things to your country really cheap - that is a good thing.

Also I've learned that people need to try to sell things for the highest amount so they can buy the things they need for their country otherwise they run out of money too quickly.


  1. Anonymous26/2/14 10:11

    Dear Doga,

    We really enjoyed this post because you said what your group did. But what did the other groups do? What did they trade? What did you pay with? How did you get money and things to sell? What did you do if you ran out of money? That was a very good post because it explained what you understood and what you learned. Would you like to do another trade day? What other interesting things did you learn during the UOI topic?
    Esme & Daisy

  2. Anonymous3/3/14 11:58

    Hi Doga,

    Nice job and you are right about running out of money fast!

    James .V

    1. Anonymous8/4/14 15:47

      Hi, Esme and Daisy,

      Thank you for your post. The others mostly tried and advertised their things so more countries would buy it. They would not really buy from the others, mostly we all just saved up. And got a little frustrated when they had a "CRISIS!" Which reminds me, some countries were really poor and had almost just 100 paper money or less. Sometimes when their lucky they get at least 300 or some that I know 200. And their were some that where rich they had at least 1000,900,2000 or sadly 800. But thats still a lot, and also just before I finish this comment I have to say, before money was invented in I think 12,000 B.C. Instead of using money they traded and that was probably hard for them because it was something like, A farmer needed 5 goats to complete his barn and so he went to his old friend and he had 15 goats so he had to trade a pair of onion seeds to get 5 goats so he had to go somewhere else so he could get his goat.