15 March, 2014

Cheetah by Adriel

My spots become a blur. 
The sand around me starts to fly. My fur whooshes in the wind. The sand is a field of bones. My tail swings side to side like a crazy whip as my ears start to twitch.
My eyes shine brighter than the sun.

Image Credit: flickrfavorites


  1. this is a great piece of writing, have you being focusing on this in class?

  2. Anonymous25/4/14 09:40

    this is amazing!
    It describes a running cheetah with lots of detail.
    Well done Adriel! :)

  3. Anonymous25/4/14 21:38

    Dear Adriel,
    If you could ever race a cheetah, would you? I could never! Anyways, I love this poem! I can feel how that cheetah feels, agitated, frustrated, maybe even hungry? Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be a cheetah? To hunt or be hunted? Sincerely, Bling Dog. :)