20 March, 2014

Year 6 Exhibition

Yesterday, 5G All-Stars had an opportunity to visit our Year 6 friends in celebration of their PYP Exhibition called "Going Global". We had a great time finding out about world trade, black markets, child labour and a range of other important issues. The Year 6s worked super hard and clearly knew what they were talking about and didn't even need rehearsed speeches! Wow!

Here is a little video we put together using Animoto to help celebrate the great efforts the Year 6s have put in to expanding their understanding of these important topics.


  1. Anonymous20/3/14 10:13

    Dear 5G,

    That was a very creative post. I really enjoyed listening to the music and looking at the pictures in the video! I have never used Animoto, or even heard about it until now. What was your favourite part of the Year 6 exhibition? Do you enjoy sharing the same UOI topic? Have you ever shared a UOI topic before now? Have you ever been in a exhibition before, or even presented a mini exhibition? If you have did you enjoy it?

    I enjoyed the exhibition and learnt loads of new things. It was cool how the learners got to choose their own idea to present. I never knew that trade chocolate was more expensive than normal chocolate.
    I was dumbfound that they were giving out brownies, or mentos, or gummy sweets if you finished a quiz and got all right, or won a game! I thought they would have to give out book marks or origami. But no, food. Wow, how befuddled.

    I really enjoyed it. Are looking forward for your exhibition next year, or if you are in Year 6, this year. Or if you just finished it, would you do it again?

    Happy Commenting/Blogging! 
    Esmé NISS Y5G

  2. Anonymous20/3/14 10:14

    The year 6 exhibition was fantabulous, I speechless. I liked the way that all of the year 6s had been working on it for nearly 2 months, they had special prizes f you won a game or a quiz and I learned that the wheel was very useful when it was made because the horses didn't have to carry all of the weight. What did you learn?
    Thank you